Our philosophy is simple. In each case, we ask ourselves the first question..."are we able to make a significant difference to a persons immigration affairs in this country?" If the answer is positive, we explain concisely the basis of that view, and the manner in which the outcome may be achieved.



Our clients affairs are always handled with tact and understanding, but our approach to the problems presented to us, is both focused and robust. As a private client firm we have a private client ethos with a commitment to a sensible and fair solution.

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Welcome to the official website of JR Rahman Solicitors.  The firm’s moto in Latin is, “pro bono publico iustitia omnibus”, which means, “for the good of the people justice for all”.  The firm shall be able to provide legal advice on Asylum, Immigration, Human Rights, Criminal, Family and General Civil Law.  The firm will maintain a high standard of representation and client care.  We are located near Glasgow Central Mosque and Glasgow Sheriff Court.  If you have any queries you can contact JR Rahman Solicitors by telephone on 0845 036 6789, 0141 890 1999, Fax on 0141 429 1602 or by email.

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